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Baroque Grandeur of Paris – Institut de France Art Print


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Paris at night is simply spectacular. On my first night there, I roamed the length of the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower. As I arrived after dark, I was somewhat blindly walking those historic river banks knowing only the start and the end of the trip. But even if I didn’t know the names of each building, it was worth it seeing one beautiful piece of architecture after another lit up in the dark  winter night. The baroque grandeur of this beautiful building was just one of the stunning sights I saw. The moment I saw it from the Pont des Arts, I was in awe of this building. The lighting was perfect and the domed building was literally classically beautiful! I knew I without a doubt I would be able to find out more about it later.

With baroque grandeur to spare, I knew this building would be documented in depth somewhere. And sure enough it took very little research to determine that this grand old building is the home to the Institut de France. The Institut de France was headquartered here in the 19th century, but the building is older still. It was formerly the Collège des Quatre-Nations and was built in the 17th century. The French baroque beauty is known formally today as the Palais de l’Institut de France.

It also wasn’t until later that I read the historic banks of the Seine are a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site along that whole length I walked that first night. But as the baroque grandeur of this old building was just the tip of the iceberg, it makes perfect sense. The Institut de France was easily a personal favorite of mine, though. There was just something about seeing it on that first walk in Paris by street lights that earned it a high spot for me.

Have you also stood before this beautiful and historic building at night in Paris? Perhaps like me you are simply in love with its classical beauty? I hope you will take a second to share your favorite aspect of this Paris night print.


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