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Beach Sunset – Playa del Carmen Art


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There’s just something about a beach sunset. The colors are brighter and the words seems more alive. This artwork is based on photos of my first beach sunset during my stay on the beautiful shores of Playa del Carmen. It was one of the prettiest sunsets I saw during my week long stay there. The blue skies had banks of clouds on the horizon that were painted gold and pink by the setting sun.

Usually when you think of a beach sunset, you probably picture the sun sinking on the horizon over the sea. Of course on the east coast of Mexico, Playa del Carmen is a place to see the sun rise over the sea. The sun sets behind the beach. But the best direction to look during the sun set, in my opinion, is usually the other way! With the sun setting behind the beach, the Caribbean waters and the beach sand looking east was just yummy. The skies had the vibrant colors of cotton candy and the water looks so inviting!

My favorite subjects in this particular beach sunset, though, are the colorful boats resting on the beach sands. And nestled beside them in the small shadow of the boat is a guy who looks like he’s relaxing from a long day. Perhaps he’s been out on the water taking tourists on his boats? Or? I think half the fun sometimes it coming up with your own story for scenes like this. Whatever the story, those boats and the Caribbean waters beyond are no doubt central characters in the story don’t you think?

This beach sunset may be happening off screen, but the effect it has on the moment is right in front of you. The bold colors, the warm beach sands, I feel as if I am back there again whenever I look at this print. It takes me back to the end of a beautiful day on the beach both this specific beach and so many others I’ve visited. There’s sort of a universal feel of beach life here don’t you think?

Have you sat on the sands of Playa del Carmen and watched the sun paint the sky in bright colors as the day ends? Or do you just love a good beach sunset? I hope you might take a few moments to share what makes this artwork special to you?


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