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Beached Red Boat – Playa del Carmen Art Print


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During my week in Playa del Carmen, it wasn’t just the incredible vistas of the Caribbean sea that attracted my attention. This beached red boat and its brethren were nearly an obsession! This seems to happen with me when I visit a new location. There’s is inevitably something of a series of images that results, some particular detail that attracted my attention and remained on my radar the rest of my visit.

Perhaps it should have been easy to predict. After all this beached red boat contains two of my favorite elements in any image. There’s an incredibly texture in that weathered boat. It tells a tale of its life just as much as the wrinkles on an old face. And to top it off, that beautiful boat is such a vivid shade of red!

Sometimes others know us better than we know ourselves. I had been following my passion with art for several years before a friend pointed out to me how often my images contain at the very least a bit of red. As I looked back, sure enough, image after image there was a note of red somewhere to catch the eye. Of course, this particular Mexico print is taken to the extreme, that beached red boat is more than a pop of red!

So Playa del Carmen as it turns out was the land of the beautiful weathered boats. I left there with a blissful zen feeling and a series of boat prints with the Caribbean Sea as the backdrop. And of course, I left with the frequent desire to go back!

Have you visited Playa del Carmen as well? Did the boats catch your eyes as well? Or perhaps this beached red boat print simply speaks to you for the colors or because of your own interest in boating? I hope you might take a few moments of your time to share with me what speaks to you most in this particular nautical print?


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