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Beautiful Parisian Cherub – Pont Alexandre III Art


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This beautiful Parisian Cherub is a decoration from the Pont Alexandre III. I was so overwhelmed by the ornate bridge that I don’t think I ever took in the whole bridge properly. There were just so many details to examine. This Parisian Cherub riding a sea monster is actually one of the more humble pieces of decor when compared to the massive sculptures on each bank of the Seine. What I loved about this playful cupid was the view of the famous Eiffel Tower on the horizon. I felt like that really says, if you had any doubt, yes this is Paris!

The beautiful Pont Alexandre III was built in the Beaux-Arts style of architecture in the closing years of the 19th century. The first stone was laid by Tsar Nicholas II in 1896. The bridge was named for his father who was instrumental in the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892. There was also a bridge celebrating the alliance built in St. Petersburg at the same time. The Paris bridge literally drips in Art Nouveau decorations like this beautiful and playful Parisian Cherub. All the details about the sculpture on the bridge I’ve found reference the statues at either end and the Sea Nymphs in the center, but there are a host of cupids or cherubs and sea monsters lining the sides of the famous bridge. If they have symbolic significance beyond their decorative nature, I have yet to uncover it!

I likewise can’t decide if this Parisian cherub is holding a key or a musical instrument of some sort? I really find him quite mystifying. I loved this scene for its exuberant Parisian style, but ultimately I think he holds my attention because I’m always trying to grasp at what meaning he might hold. Does this Parisian Cherub mystify you as well? Or maybe you’re perfectly contented that this Parisian print has a fun decorative style? I hope you’ll take a second to share any insights in this mysterious cupid or share what you like most about this Paris print!

Note: The Pont Alexandre III bridge is classified as a French Monument Historique.


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