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Beautiful Yellow Church – Mexican Art Print


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I stumbled over this beautiful yellow church in the Barrio de Santa Ana on my first visit to Mérida and instantly fell in love with the beautiful shade of golden yellow as well as the unique style of this old church. Most neighborhoods in old Mexican cities are centered around historic churches. In fact the neighborhood and the church will likely share their name. In other words, the church your family attends is intimately tied to the neighborhood in which you live. It’s a very old world way of organizing life that reminds me of the descriptions of old London in which a Cockney was said to be born within earshot of the Bow Bells.

What also caught my attention was the beautiful tropical palm trees swaying in the breeze in the park that surrounded that cute yellow church. It was just such a compelling and picturesque scene with colorful architecture and palm trees. It’s a little slice of life in Mérida that really speaks of life in the Yucatán and Mexican culture. I didn’t know a thing of the history of this old neighborhood nor the church that sits in the center of it until I was back home, but I knew it was one of those colorful moments that speaks to people whether or not they’ve walked the same streets as you have.

Later I found out that this little barrio and its namesake church was once on the outskirts of Mérida. It was an area that the indigenous Maya had called home and the site of an open chapel that had served them for a century. From an ancient perspective, it’s apparently a site that was held sacred well before the Spanish Colonial period. The beautiful yellow church you see now was built in 1733 over the foundations of a Mayan temple. In fact, some speculate the unique pyramid shaped bell towers on that 18th century church are a nod to the Mayan heritage of the site.

Whatever the case, the rich colors on that old architecture and beautiful weather on my last day in Mérida came together for an incredibly picturesque piece of Mexican art. I have looked at this particular print so often since that when I had a brief stop over in Mérida again some years later, well you can guess one of the places I had to revisit!

Do the striking colors and tropical vibe of this yellow church print speak to you? Or perhaps you’ve walked on this same street in the Barrio de Santa Ana? I would love to hear what attracts you to this particular print. Please take a second to share your thoughts!


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