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Cathedral Bell Tower – Mexico City Art Print


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Mexico City was an experience unto itself. The only city I’ve visited that I think I could compare to Mexico City is Cairo. Both places were frenetic but packed with history. I was there such a short time but the general vibe and the gorgeous old architecture has left me wanting to return. This beautiful cathedral bell tower is just one example of the classic architecture of Mexico City.

Of course the architectural styles in a place the size of Mexico City crosses the ages, but this baroque cathedral bell tower stood out to me then and still strikes a strong chord with me. I loved the solid feel of it and the ornate details. It would have been at home as much on the streets of an old European city as Mexico. There are some styles that simply cross over in older cities.

This particular cathedral bell tower is attached to the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Mexico City (Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de la Santísima Virgen María a los cielos). This 17th century church is apparently the largest cathedral in the Americas. The two cathedral bell towers were the finishing touches on 240 years of construction. Eighteen of the 25 bells of the massive cathedral are in the east bell tower seen here. It appears everything about the beautiful cathedral in Mexico city is on a grand scale, eh?

Have you visited Mexico City and stood in Plaza de la Constitución gazing up at this beautiful Cathedral bell tower? Or perhaps the striking classic lines of the architecture simply appeal to you? I hope you might take a few minutes to share what attracted you to this particular Mexico City print?

Note: The Historic Center of Mexico City including the cathedral is part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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