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Chattahoochee Gold – Silhouette Art Print


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It’s hard to look at this photo and believe that it’s set amidst a city of millions. But this stretch of the Chattahoochee River in Roswell has remained pretty idyllic and feels removed from the urban expanse of Atlanta. One morning as I wandered the banks of the river, I lucked upon this lady sitting quietly and taking in the beauty of nature at sunrise. A picture of the river and that great golden light would have been quite pretty on its own. But this woman, who we only see in silhouette, gives the viewer a frame of reference, a way to imagine themselves into this peaceful print.

That’s part of the power of a good silhouette image, the ability to draw the viewer into the actual scene. There’s also kind of a zen magic to silhouettes, the deconstruction of a moment. We’ve subtracted some details but left behind the most important ones. The story of a silhouette image becomes more about shapes, colors and lighting than minute details. Those elements are always important of course, but in a print like this even more so.

Can you imagine yourself in the zen and restful moment in this golden print? Don’t you feel the quiet contemplation and the warm morning sun on those river banks? I know that I can! This is the sort of landscape print that transcends location. I’m sure people who have a fondness for the Chattahoochee and a Georgia landscape might have a little extra feeling of connectedness when they look at this. But that intimate connection is far from mandatory! Don’t you agree?

So, have you in fact walked those same river banks in Roswell? Or are you in the camp who simply loves the golden light in this silhouette print?


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