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Classic Black Cab On London’s Tower Bridge


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London seems to be a city built on icons. Some are truly ancient, but in the scheme of things, some like the black cab, are basically contemporary. What makes that ironic is that the classic black cab of the 20th century is on the verge of fading into the past already. The last time I was in London, there were modern versions of the classic black cab or Hackney Carriage, but the last I read, they were destined to be replaced by something as yet undetermined. The future of the London’s black cabs may be up in the air, but in an every-changing world, what’s new?

And you know, even if the black cab does vanish from the streets of London in our time, I suspect they will long be a symbol in our collective conscious of both London and Britain. And it was that place in the pantheon of Britishness that inspired this particular piece of art.

This black cab print also crosses the years. It includes a collage of vintage London city maps and the iconic form of tower bridge as a back drop to a vintage Austin FX4 being driven by an old London Cabbie. It speaks to the Long history of London from the era of the horse and buggy clear through to contemporary times. I had a lot of fun working on this piece of art. All the little details transport me back to the old city and my treasured memories of visiting there.

Have you ridden in a black cab on a visit to London or elsewhere in the UK? Does this British print remind you of the trip of a lifetime or maybe living in one of your favorite cities? I hope you’ll take a moment to share what attracts you to this classic London print?


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