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Classic Blue Volkswagen Beetle – Colorful Mexican Art


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When I was little, one of my favorite toy cars was a little blue Volkswagen Beetle. It’s always been one of those dream cars in my mind but mundane practicality has always won out when a new car was needed. But from that first toy VW until today, I’ve always had a yen for this mid-century modern classic. The fact that they were manufactured in Mexico all the way up until 2003 makes the streets of most any Mexican city a fabulous place for a classic Volkswagen Beetle sighting!

Spotting this blue Volkswagen beetle on my last afternoon on the sun-soaked streets of Mérida was a true pleasure! Not only one of my favorite cars of all time but in my favorite hue of blue no less! Perhaps my favorite color due to that first toy VW all those years ago? I’m not sure but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I knew the moment I saw this classic Volkswagen beetle in the late afternoon sun with that great colorful Mexican street scene surrounding it that I had all the necessary ingredients for a vibrant art print.

With all that great light and the play of shadows, the result is a real vivid Volkswagen beetle print. Years later I still look at this Mexican street scene and feel as if I could step back into it. There’s just a real sense of depth, don’t you think? There are also some fun details once you look closer like the hand-prints in the dusty car hood. And a personal favorite for me is the little red heart sticker on the windshield. It’s a motif that’s actually duplicated in the iron-work in the window on the wall beyond. Those hearts a beautiful reminder of the “Love Bug” – a fitting tie in with a classic Volkswagen Beetle for sure, eh?

This will always be one of those prints that has a wide audience from people who love the colorful streets of Mexico to those who love the classic VWs themselves. Which speaks most loudly to you? Are you drawn to the colors of Mexico in this print, the beautiful car, or both? I hope you’ll take a moment to share just what you like most about this classic print!


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