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Classic Galway Waterfront Art


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When I think of Classic Galway, this is the waterfront scene that springs to mind. And if you take a wander through my Galway City art, you’ll quickly see that I must have spent a lot of time down there walking along the water. And indeed I did. I spent over two weeks in and around County Galway and nearly every day rain or shine found me taking in these classically quaint and picturesque views. Not only is this Classic Galway in my mind, it’s classic Ireland. It’s the image that comes to many of our minds when we dream of visiting these shores.

I visited Ireland in the midst of winter, and one of the coldest there had been in decades before. But that’s hard to believe when you look at this Classic Galway waterfront print, isn’t it? The sun was shining, the birds were flying low over the water on the Irish seaside. It was just so sunny and fabulous that I look at this and can’t believe I was wearing warm clothes! Irish weather is, I hear, notoriously fickle. And I certainly saw my share of it. I captured about this same view of the Long Walk in a freezing fog only days later.

But this classic Galway view was so beautiful to me that it didn’t matter if I was cold, or damp, or being buffeted by the wind, it was simply worth it to me to roam along the waterfront to capture these beautiful Irish vistas for later. And I think my love for Ireland shows in these prints as they’ve remained among my most popular subjects every since I returned from Ireland years ago. These Classic Galway views continue to please customers as much as they remind me of a beautiful adventure. Perhaps it’s because those patrons and I share a love for this incredible location?

If you’ve found your way here, I suspect you either loved Galway, too, or you simply love Ireland in general? I would love it if you paused to share your story. Do these prints remind you of a stay in beautiful Galway? Or maybe you have family history here? Whatever your story, I hope to hear it and how this classic Galway waterfront art print makes you feel?


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