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Classic Mexico Art – Taquiza In Chiapas


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For the longest time this classic Mexico art print was something of a mystery to me. I knew this colorful Taquiza was somewhere in Chiapas, but that’s about as imprecise as I could get other than saying it was somewhere in North America. Or somewhere in the neighborhood of earth?

Not knowing the exact location didn’t really matter to me though because it’s a print that captures that classic Mexico vibe. I’m pretty sure most people seeing that colorful street would probably make a first guess that this represented a Mexican city somewhere. It just has that feeling, you know?

The city had slipped my mind but the memory of that coorful street was still vivid. We had lunch across the street from that colorful Taquiza after an adventure in Sumidero Canyon. Throughout that meal, my view out the door was this Mexican restaurant on the opposite corner. In a weird way, it was like a reflection of my own meal. Both restaurants were crowded and the smell of great Mexican food wafted around that corner. And looking out the front door as I ate, it was like seeing a mirror of my own classic Mexico experience.

Based on photos I took after lunch, this classic Mexico print captures that authentic Mexican experience. And it’s funny that everyone who looks at it seems to be reminded that they’d love some tacos for lunch! I think that shows I’ve captured the mood!

And as for the mystery, I was recently hunting for information on nearby Sumidero Canyon and discovered that most of the boats to tour the canyon leave from Chiapa de Corzo. Sure enough as I examined street views of that city, I stumbled across that little street corner and the colorful restaurant that had been my view that day. On one hand, it was a mystery I was never driven to solve, but it’s also kind of neat to put a city name to this classic Mexico print of that colorful little Taquiza.

I suspect the odds are small that many of you have eaten lunch in Chiapa de Corzo, but I would love it if you took a moment to share what attracted you to this colorful Mexican artwork? And do you have a sudden desire for tacos?


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