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Classic Sunset Beach Scene – Nicaragua


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This classic sunset beach scene will always have a special place in my heart. It was during my brief travels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that the idea of following my heart really coalesced in my head. And it was while watching the sunset over San Juan del Sur as the end of an old year drew to a close that I seriously considered going home and shaking up my old life.

Within a few months of this classic sunset that I sold my house and bid farewell to my office job. At the time I really considered it a career break rather than a career change, but six years later I’m still following those dreams and still on a career break!

I’m not sure what was in the air on that beach, but as I looked out at the silhouettes of all those people against that classic sunset, everything seemed crystal clear. It was obvious how short life is and it was evident that every minute waiting for something better to come along is another minute wasted. Don’t all those people look like they are living in the minute? Maybe they all went back to their old lives a few days later, but in my mind, this moment never ended.

Aside from my own strong connection to this particular print, the reason I consider it a classic sunset beach scene is it has a timeless quality to it. With the silhouettes of surf boards and folks on the beach, it reminds me in some fashion of those old surfer prints from the golden age of the beach scene in America. I love it when an image has that classic vibe to it which it feels as if it could be yesterday or decades ago or maybe even the future. There’s just nothing that roots it to a given time. It’s just the silhouettes on the beach and that great golden glow in the sky above.

Have you seen the sunset in San Juan del Sur on this same beach in Nicaragua? Or maybe this print reminds you of a turning point in your own life? I hope you will take a moment to share with me what speaks to you most in this classic sunset print?


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