Cliffs of Moher – Irish Landscape Canvas Print

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About This Image

Cliffs of Moher – Irish Landscape Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This Irish landscape canvas print features the fabulous Cliffs of Moher. The only way to describe the Cliffs of Moher is magical. And chances are whether or not you’ve been to Ireland, you’ve seen this incredible landscape before. The Cliffs of Moher have been in multiple films. My personal favorite is The Princess Bride where the Cliffs of Moher were the Cliffs of Insanity!

While I spent a lot of time in a couple of Irish cities, my time on the Cliffs of Moher was short. It’s one of those places I have dreamed of going back on my own to explore at length. But what I will never forget is the wild and magical vibe of the place. I’ll never forget the wind whipping over the sea and across those cliffs. I had the vague sense that I could lean into the wind and not fall! I didn’t test that theory but it gives you some idea of the raw elemental wind on the Irish coast.

I’ve been told by multiple people that this Irish landscape canvas print of the Cliffs of Moher captures them just the way they remember. I think it’s because there’s an element of fantasy in the air from the cloud streaked skies to the rolling terrain. The grasses feel like a windswept sea perched over those amazing jagged rocks towering over the actual sea below. I half expect a fairytale to unfold in this scene at any moment. There’s just that feeling of potential there. Which comes full circle with my sense that the only way to describe the Cliffs of Moher is as magical. It’s the adjective that fits best. There’s an element of that feeling in many of the Irish landscapes I explored and captured. It’s an old land full of long-forgotten tales, and it feels like all those ancient stories are bubbling just beneath the surface of that peaty soil.

Have you been to the Cliffs of Moher yourself? Perhaps you spotted them in a film and fell in love with the landscapes of Ireland then and there? Or maybe you’re simply a fan of amazing landscapes? Whatever the case, I would love to hear what about this Cliffs of Moher Irish landscape canvas print called to you and what it was that spoke loudest whether fond memories or some specific details in the artwork?


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