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Colonial Courthouse – Williamsburg Americana Art


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It’s funny how some places become rooted in the past. A lot of the English villages that are so popular with tourists today are the ones that fell on hard times in the past and never modernized. Now they have a quaint charm that speaks to many of us. Yet it was a period of stagnation that led to that charm!

From what I’ve read, Williamsburg, Virginia, has a similar story. The capital was moved to Richmond and Williamsburg didn’t have the growth that would have led to building over its rich colonial past. In the early 20th century, it had a host of original colonial architecture still in use like the colonial courthouse seen in this print.

In a larger city, no doubt this little Georgian building would have been outgrown and likely built over long ago. So the quaint charm of this little Colonial Courthouse, built in 1771, stands today because of Williamsburg’s long ago misfortune. Funny how that works isn’t it?

This little colonial courthouse is quite the survivor. It’s withstood wars and fires. And in our time, it has been beautifully restored as part of the living history museum at Williamsburg. In my short handful of days there, I took quite a few photos of this beautiful piece of Georgian architecture. I loved the solid symmetry and the beautiful bricks. But it was the unusual portico that first attracted my attention. Of those pictures I took, the one this art print is based on is my favorite. I love the late afternoon sun lighting up the sky and the trees and the warm diffused light on the red bricks of that old facade. This print has a real solid feel of golden and timeless Americana.


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