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Colonial Williamsburg Magazine – Architecture Art


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Colonial Williamsburg is peppered with buildings that have their places in the history books. I visited this area of Virginia because of my personal family ties to nearby Jamestown, but for any history buff, Williamsburg is a must visit. It’s simply one of those places where you feel you are walking in history. Perhaps it’s because of how old the settlement is, but I think just as much because Colonial Williamsburg has a wealth of historic architecture.

Pictured here for example is not just a quaint piece of colonial architecture but part of the seeds for the American Revolution. The Gunpowder Incident took place here in 1775, The Gunpowder Incident was the seizing of arms by the Royal Governor. This was an event that greatly angered the American colonists. Definitely among the events that sparked the American Revolution in the year that followed.

Standing there in the 21st century, it may be hard to envision the events of long ago. The skies are beautiful, the landscape that surrounds Colonial Williamsburg is the picture of bucolic. Colonial Williamsburg is simply the embodiment of Americana and folklore. Yet this was the stage for a war that followed. I guess appearances can indeed be deceptive. It’s hard sometimes to imagine everything that’s happened in a given place. Hard to imagine the people that have passed there and the lives they touched. But it’s wonderful that some of these places, like Colonial Williamsburg, and their stories are preserved for the future.

Have you stood outside the fortifications that surround the Magazine in Colonial Williamsburg and imagined those long ago events? Or are you simply an armchair historian who loves our shared stories and the old architecture that still stands as a reminder of them? In either case, I hope you enjoy this print. It still reminds me of a summer day wandering through colonial history.


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