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Colorful Granada Nicaragua Art


Looking for vibrant artwork that isn’t mass produced? The prints youll find here are often colorful and always memorable. Let your neighbors buy ordinary art while you shop small and express your individual style.

Each print is individually made to your order and available in a range of sizes and formats. Choose from prints to frame locally or ready to hang metal prints, and traditional canvas prints.



This street scene very much embodies my memories of colorful Granada, Nicaragua. Although far from an unknown city, I went in somewhat blindly. When I made plans to visit Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it was somewhat last minute and my over-riding interest was somewhere sunny and colorful. The truth is much of what I knew about Nicaragua in general was decades old memories of Nicaragua in the news. While the impacts of those times rattle on as they do, it was not the Nicaragua I saw. And colorful Granada was simply charming.

We were there for a short few days and I spent the bulk of my time haunting streets like the one here that radiated out from the historic center of Granada. In the midst of the green square beyond, is the classic cathedral with its bell towers standing over the skyline. And like the rest of colorful Granada, that cathedral is a vivid color! It seemed everywhere you looked in the colonial core of the city, the buildings were vying for which one would be the brightest yellow or the deepest red or fill in the blank for another brilliant color!

Yet at the same time, Granada had a well-lived-in feeling for lack of a better term to describe it. It felt comfortable. Colorful Granada was less touristy and more someone’s-home. As much as I loved some of the coastal cities I saw in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it was Granada where I ached to stay longer when it was time to pack up and move on. And in my mind’s eye, this is how I remember that charming old city. I remember bright colors and crowded streets. And the gorgeous feeling of the warm sun on what would have been a cold winter’s day back home.

Does this colorful Granada print remind you of a stay there? Or do the bright colors call you regardless of ever having set foot there? I hope you will pause for a moment to let me know what speaks to you most about this paritcular print.


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