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Colorful Mexican Cemetery – Mérida Art Print


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Several years ago, I was on a bus from Mérida to Chichen Itza and saw my first colorful Mexican cemetery. It was an amazing sight as a little old lady on the bus exited to, I assume, commune with her departed loved ones. I still remember how I described that Mexican cemetery on my blog that evening. And it was, I still think, the epitome of Miami meets New Orleans. The pastel colors that Miami is know for and the mausoleums of New Orleans in one little vignette.

For days after, I wanted the opportunity to explore this side of Mexican culture in more detail. It was nearly the end of my week in Mérida when the opportunity presented itself. I had rented a car for a day exploring the coast near Celestún and was on my way back to Mérida when I got slightly off course and out of the car window I spotted the really big brother to the little Mexican cemetery I had seen days before.

There are actually multiple large cemeteries in Mérida , but I’m reasonably sure the colorful Mexican Cemetery seen in this print is Cementerio Xoclán. And I arrived there as the late afternoon sun was getting low on the horizon. With the angle of the light, the brightly colored graves were simply an amazing sight to see! I only had time for a few minutes but this beautiful cemetery has stayed with me every since.

I have since read up a bit on the culture behind these colorful cemeteries and understand that each of the little shrines you see with the Christian crosses on top are considered homes for the departed. And periodically family members will come to visit and clean the homes of their loved ones. There’s a real beauty in how this aspect of life is treated in Mexico.

Have you been in a colorful Mexican cemetery like the one in this print? I know some of my past patrons who loved this print had never been south of the border. They simply loved the colorful nature of this aspect of Mexican culture. In which camp do you fall? I hope you will take a moment to share!


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