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Colorful Rural Sunset – Georgia Farm Landscape Art


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This colorful print features a particularly spectacular rural sunset in Macon County, Georgia. I took this photo when I still lived in Atlanta. I had a late start leaving my hometown of Montezuma and was heading back to Atlanta. As luck would have it, the sun was setting as I passed through the miles of countryside that separate my home from the interstate. I was really trying to get on the main road before the sun sank off the horizon, but when I saw the amazing skies you see in this rural sunset print… well, I had to start looking for a spot to pull off the road and capture it. It was just too beautiful to pass up! Don’t you agree?

The sky in this colorful rural sunset print is an amazing mix of blue, gold, and red tones. The way the clouds mix and mingle the colors is similar to a huge natural abstract. It appears as if colors have streaked in water to an amazing effect. Finding this beautiful farm silhouetted in between the brilliant sky and the dark fields was the perfect match for me. The story was all in the sky, but the silhouetted farm silo gives that sky a sense of place in the rural landscape. The farm silhouette in a fashion acts as a frame or anchor to the skies above.

This rural print really captures the ideal of living the simple life in wide open spaces. It is a print that spoke to me for several years of what I had left behind. Does this colorful print speak to you as well? I would certainly like to hear what attracts you to this quite colorful rural sunset print!


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