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Connemara Sheep At Rest – Irish Countryside Art


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While I wandered the rural roads of County Galway, it seemed that my only constant companions were these Connemara sheep and their compatriots. It felt as if the whole of the Irish countryside was populated with sheep rather than people. And that might not be far off the truth.

The weather in winter in the Irish Countryside oscillated between blowing rain and sun. But those sunny moments, like this one seen over Killary made walking in the cold rain worthwhile. Killary, the body of water below these Connemara sheep,is either the only fjord in Ireland or a large natural harbor. I’ll leave you to decide which it is, but it was a beautiful backdrop to this Irish landscape print.

In the foreground a little group of Connemara sheep are resting quietly in the golden-orange winter grasses. You have likely spotted the dark blue spots and may be wondering what these markings mean. I had the same question years before when I saw spotted sheep in the countryside of Scotland. For those of us who aren’t used to livestock grazing as freely as these do, it seems a little strange. But those are the markings of their owners. The color and location of that spot denotes the owner of these Connemara sheep.

Beautiful terrain, nice light, and lazy sheep, there was no question about stopping to capture this bucolic Irish landscape. And it still reminds me greatly of the Irish countryside and the quiet pace of life I observed in those rolling fields.

Have you also wandered in Connemara? Or does this Connemara sheep print speak to you simply for the serene nature of it? I’d love to hear what speaks to you in this Irish print.


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