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Costa Rica Beach Art – Pura Vida!


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My wanders in Central America have so far been just a fleeting glance at the vibrant life there. But the memories of this particular Costa Rica beach are still strong years later. We were told this little slice of tropical paradise is called Playa Hermosa, which translates basically into beautiful beach – fitting eh? And in the late afternoon sunlight, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica spoke to me loudly. It was in this place more than any other that trip that the words “Pura Vida” resonated with me.

And I found a lot of inspiration in the silhouettes of the people in the golden light on that Costa Rica beach. When I look at scenes like this, even though I was there standing on that beach, it’s the silhouettes of the people that connect me with the moment. I live vicariously through them just as much as my own memories of that beautiful Costa Rica beach.

And in this scene in particular, I think there’s a sense of flashing back to my own childhood with the pair of boys standing in the beach sand together. It reminds me of old friends and my cousins when we were young. Do you have those same flashes of memories past? Or perhaps if you have children, this Costa Rica beach scene stirs up memories even more recent?

Not only does this slice of tropical paradise stir up memories for me, it makes me want to buy a one way plane ticket and find my own little stretch of Costa Rica beach to call home! In the meantime, I will have to use this beach print as my portal to those dreams… Wistful Sigh!

Have you experienced Pura Vida in Costa Rica? Does this particular print simply call to you because it brings back fond memories of old friends or your own children? Or maybe you just love beach decor? I hope you’ll take a few moments to share your thoughts with me!


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