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Driftwood On The Beach – Costa Rica


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The moment we arrived on the sands at Playa Hermosa on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, I spotted this beautiful peace of driftwood on the beach. I loved the undulating shape of the driftwood and how it felt as if it mimicked the waves of the sea!

I spent the bulk of the afternoon wandering on that beautiful tropical beach. And every time I passed that large piece of driftwood, there were people sitting around or on it. In a way it reminded me of how people gather around a kitchen island or a table at a party. There was some sort of environmental group dynamic going on that I couldn’t quite explain other than they were attracted to this beautiful piece of beach driftwood as much as I was.

When I first saw that piece of driftwood, I wanted a picture of just the driftwood. And perhaps if I had stayed nearby I could have come early in the morning to capture that original image in my mind’s eye. But the more time I spent on Playa Hermosa, the more I realized the story of that driftwood couldn’t be divorced from the people on the beach. The reaction of people on the beach was the real story to be told and the result is this art print of that beautiful pacific coastal landscape.

In the late afternoon sun, I waited for the right moment, the collision of people, the sunlight, and that beautiful setting to happen. And finally that undulating piece of driftwood on a tropical beach told its story. It’s a story of friendship and relaxing on the beach and a degree of magic.

The silhouettes of those people and their obvious camaraderie ended up being my favorite part of this moment. The driftwood frames the scene beautifully and provides the stage upon which the story unfolds. Whenever I look at this vibrant sunset print, I don’t see the one that got away. The original image I had in mind of just the driftwood would seem incomplete to me now. This one tells a story of a day at the beach with friends.

Does this print remind you of fun times with friends? Or maybe you have relaxed on Playa Hermosa on the pacific coast of Costa Rica as well? I hope you might take a moment to share with me what captured your attention in this beach art?


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