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Dublin Pub Art – Dublin In The Rain


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This piece of Dublin pub art was truly an exercise in enjoying color! The colorful lights at night in Dublin seem to practically run in the rain in this scene from outside the International Bar. The rainy night shows a landmark Irish pub on the corner of Wicklow and St Andrew Streets. Like a lot of the authentic pubs and bars in Dublin, it has history. Although it’s been around even longer, the inside is a genuine Victorian era bar. This is the kind of atmosphere that bars and restaurants in the newer corners of the globe still copy because it has genuine warmth.

Of course, genuine warmth is not per se what you get in Dublin in the rain. Despite the fact I was there in winter, I felt almost as if I experienced all the weather there was except for being warm. There were a few days I saw snow, rain, and ice within a span of hours! Irish weather is, after all, notoriously changeable. But I wandered those beautiful streets in all weather, and I don’t think I’m alone. I’ve had multiple people who saw this print that said it reminded them of their own time in Dublin. Not just that the location was familiar, but that they specifically remembered the beauty of Dublin in the rain and the sight of the city lights reflecting in puddles in the streets.

For the most part, this artwork is a work of the imagination. While I did stand there once upon a time and I did see rain in Dublin, this doesn’t depict an actual moment. This more much about an active imagination and an amalgamation of the beautiful architecture and atmosphere of Dublin and my memories of the rain in Dublin. That I’ve struck a chord with some is simply wonderful. I know every time I look at this Dublin pub print, I feel happy and that was ultimately the goal. The colors make me smile. The reminder of time spent in Dublin makes me smile. Truly my time exploring Ireland was one of the best months of my life and in an odd way it will always feel like a home I miss dearly.

Does this Dublin pub print remind you of a night on the town in Ireland? Perhaps you’ve lived there or still do and I’ve captured a favorite hang-out? Or do the colors of Dublin at night in the rain speak to you despite having never been? I would love it if you took a moment to share what attracted you to this particular piece of Dublin art?


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