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Egypt Aerial View – Hot Air Balloon Art Print


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One of the most unforgettable mornings I have spent was the one where I got an Egypt aerial view as seen in this print. It was my first experience in a hot air balloon and also a real eye opening view of the Egyptian landscape. The Egyptian landscape is notoriously harsh and arid. The very image of Egypt in most people’s minds is of camels crossing the desert.But the spine of Egypt is the ancient Nile, and along the banks of the Nile the land is fertile. That thin green line feeds the country today as it has throughout much of recorded history.

During the early our balloon flight, it was the dry and rugged landscape that unfolded beneath us, but after the sun was fully up, our Egypt aerial view was the farm fields you see in this print. And as the flight ended, we got a closer and closer look at those lush green fields. In fact, if you look at the bottom of this aerial print, you’ll see a bright red balloon that came in for a landing before we did. I loved the contrast of that bright pop of red against the green fields. And of course, the skies in this scene were truly magical.

For me, this Egypt aerial view print will always be the story of Egypt. Not just a land of temples and deserts but a living landscape much shaped by its inhabitants over the course of thousands of years. It was really an amazing balloon ride in all respects, but I particularly loved seeing this side of Egypt.

Have you had the same experience in a hot air balloon flight over Egypt? Or do the vivid colors of this Egypt aerial view simply appeal to you from afar? I hope you might take a moment to share what you find most striking about this print?


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