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Egyptian Felucca Sailing – Nile Cruise Art Print


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When I look back on my time in Egypt, the Nile was a central character in my experience. And particularly my memories of the beautiful Egyptian feluccas gliding on the waters of the Nile is still as vivid as this print from the banks of the river in Aswan. And in a way, it makes sense the Nile should have such a pivotal point in an Egyptian experience. After all, the Nile has throughout known history been the life’s blood of Egypt. Most of the people of Egypt live within reach of the banks of the Nile where the crops grow and the tourists roam.

Egyptian feluccas are a familiar sight to people visiting the Nile river banks of Egypt. These are traditional sailboats of the Red Sea and the Nile. Today they are more the domain of holiday-makers on a Nile Cruise, but in days past, they sailed the Nile carrying people and goods from city to city. My group spent two nights camping on the Nile in a beautiful Egyptian felucca very similar to the one in this print. It was one of the highlights of an amazing trip. It was the opportunity to experience the Nile as people had for generations before.

This Egyptian Felucca print captures the moment when I first saw one of those sailboats up close. We were crossing the Nile to Elephantine Island when this beautiful sailboat came into view. The effect of this vivid moment painted my impression of those graceful sailboats for the rest of my time in Egypt and since. Just look at how amazing it looks reflecting in the beautiful waters of the Nile? The blues sky above and in the reflection below is so intense. This print is so vibrant and alive I half feel I can hear the sails in the wind. Majestic is another adjective that comes to my mind. And there’s a taste of old Victorian Egypt in the background. That’s the Old Cataract Hotel rising on the banks above the Nile. There’s a strong sense of both traditional life on the Nile as well as the Victorian era in this beautiful print.

Have you cruised the Nile? Spent time in Aswan perhaps? Or does this print capture your imagination and desire to throw off the bowlines and sail away? I would love to hear what you find most striking about this Egyptian felucca print?


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