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Eiffel Tower – Paris Landmark Art Print


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Can you imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower? I bet not! It’s probably the singe Paris landmark that is literally known around the world. Show someone on the other side of the earth a picture of the Eiffel Tower rising into the sky and they will recognize it. That’s not an easy level of fame to reach!

It also means that its equally hard to find a unique angle on this Paris landmark. It’s probably been painted or photographed or sculpted from pretty much any angle you can imagine. That definitely makes it a difficult subject! In a strange way, that’s freeing. There are no unique angles but there’s unique lighting, unique skies. These are the things that change with each passing moment and day.

So this is my take on the Eiffel Tower on an unusually sunny winter day. I was wondering along the pont de Bir-Hakeim when I spotted this older couple in a small park. As they admired the tower, they were standing in the same great golden light that was bathing that Paris landmark in the distance.

But one of the most interesting aspects of this scene to me was this beautiful statue with a figure on horseback with lance aimed at the Eiffel Tower. For life of me, it reminded me of Don Quixote jousting at windmills. It was years later before I found out this statue is La France Renaissante – France Reborn. The figure aiming their horse at that great Paris landmark is none other than Joan of Arc. I guess my Don Quixote reference is far more unlikely but it has stuck for me in the form of the title.

Regardless of the subjects of the scene, I love this unique take on that most famous Paris Landmark, the Eiffel Tower. There’s a dynamic feeling in that powerful light and there’s the very human spirit of the happy couple standing together on a cold winter afternoon in Paris. Clearly just happy to be in the moment.


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