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Evening In Paris Painting


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Paris is one of those places that’s simply gorgeous, but I think evening in Paris is especially so and was the inspiration fro this painting. The dusk skies and the glowing Paris Metro sign say Parisian to me. They speak of the art nouveau architecture that drips through Paris like droplets of water after a rain. Paris is Paris because it embraced Art Nouveau over a century ago. Of course there’s more to Parisian architecture than just Art Nouveau, but in my opinion, it’s the Art Nouveau style that’s come to be the frosting on the cake in Paris. It pulls the rest together.

The Parisian subway system game into existence when Art Nouveau was at its peak and all the way to today they still embrace that style in the signs and entrances to the subway stations. While I was in Paris some years back, I was constantly on the hunt for the picture perfect Paris Metro signs and entrances. And I think the signs like the one in this evening in Paris painting are at their most beautiful once night is falling. From dusk straight through til night, these are at their most eye-catching when the sun has reached the horizon and the lights of Paris are coming on. So, that was obviously the way I wanted to capture this little sliver of the Parisian experience.

I’ve said often that Paris has remained an inspiration long after I left. It’s getting close to a decade since I wandered the streets of Paris, but the evening in Paris will always be special to me because that’s how I first experienced Paris. It was winter so the days were admittedly short and on top of that my flight in was delayed. So I spent my first day in Paris getting to know the city by lamplight.

I would love if you took a moment to share your thoughts about this Evening in Paris painting. Does it remind you of a visit to the city of lights? Were you looking specifically for Paris Metro sign art prints or simply wanted a piece of wall art that captured the ethereal beauty of Paris as night falls?


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