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Fall Landscape At Historic Roswell Mill – Georgia Art


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During most of my years in the Atlanta area, I lived near Roswell and the old walking trails around the historic Roswell Mill were among my favorite haunts. And you can probably tell from this print that when the fall colors were on the trees, it was an especially nice place to wander! Hard to believe this landscape is in the midst of a metropolitan area isn’t it?

Roswell has a long history going back well before Atlanta grew out to meet it. In the early 19th century, the community grew up around Roswell Mill which stretched along the banks of Vickery Creek. Today there are only fragments of the actual mill left like this building standing against the fall colors. But the community that grew up around Roswell Mill thrives and has preserved what remains of the historic cotton mill along Vickery Creek.

If you’ve visited Roswell, you know it has a special vibe. I think it’s because Roswell is more than a simple suburb. It’s a city in its own right with a long history that’s still remembered. Have you wandered the banks and looked at the ruins of Roswell Mill yourself? Doesn’t it feel as if you’ve stepped outside of the city and maybe even the modern day there?


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