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Famous Trevi Fountain – Landmark Rome Art Print


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In any major city, there are simply some landmarks that have to be seen. In Rome, the famous Trevi Fountain is unquestionably on that list. Not just because it’s an amazingly beautiful baroque fountain but because tradition holds that you are meant to toss coins in the fountain. The customs surrounding the number of coins tossed into the Trevi and the results seem to vary a bit but a universal part of the legend seems to be that coins in the Trevi Fountain ensures that you will return to Rome again.

Years after my coin toss into the Trevi Fountain and my fortunate return to Rome is still just a dream, but I’m confident the stars will align again one day. And I look forward to seeing that impossibly grand baroque fountain crammed into that tiny piazza again. I think others must be counting the days until their return as well as this Trevi Fountain print has always been one of my more popular Italian prints.

This Trevi Fountain print has always left a wistful smile on my face. On my first visit to the Trevi, the light was just perfect. The light on the old fountain was just strong enough to really pull out the details of the sculpture and the flowing waters of the Trevi without being over-powering. Goldilocks perfect light combined with landmark architecture in a way that did not repeat for the rest of my weeks in Rome. And I would wander through that piazza many times before finally leaving Rome. I think I could still walk straight back to the Trevi again if plopped onto the streets of Rome again!

Have you also tossed your coins into the Trevi Fountain? Do you still dream of your eventual return to Rome? Or is Rome still a dream on the horizon and this Landmark Rome print calls to you? I hope you will take a moment to share what is your favorite aspect of this print!


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