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Fantasy Tree Art – Lake Nicaragua


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There are some settings that are just magical by their very nature, and that’s how I would describe the location of this fantasy tree art on a little island in Lake Nicaragua. I will never forget the first time I saw those fantasy trees near the docks as we came in our first afternoon on Solentiname. There was something so graceful and magical about the lines of those tree trunks and limbs. I have often said that these trees remind me of a ballerina caught in the midst of a dance. They seem to rise out of the water rather than being rooted there.

I suppose it was that immediate personification of the trees on Solentiname that led me to label these as Fantasy trees in a dreamy landscape. I loved their shapes the moment I saw them and the larger the gulf of time grows since I visited that beautiful island, the more like a fairy tale place it seems.

Solentiname was in so many ways so far removed from the outside world. There were none of the creature comforts we are so accustomed to in the modern world. And I honestly don’t know if it was the kind of privation I could handle long term, but for a couple of days I gazed at those fantasy trees and I roamed the landscape that grew them, and it felt like walking in a dream. Whether I could call such a beautiful place home or not doesn’t matter as I was unquestionably inspired by the beauty of that place and carry it with me years later.

Have you found a place affected you in the same manner? Did it seem unreal later? Perhaps you’ve visited Solentiname as well or simply identify with the magical trees? I hope you might pause a moment to share why this particular print speaks to you.


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