Fishing Boat Art – Dawn On The Water

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About This Image

There’s something about the solitude of dawn in this fishing boat art that speaks to me. Even though I have never been an avid fisherman, I often find myself beside the water at dawn to capture the sunrise. That wasn’t the case before I became interested in art and specifically photography. And I quickly noticed that there seemed to be two groups of people by the waterside in the morning, folks who loved fishing and photographers. I didn’t start life as a morning person but as the years have worn on, I have learned to love the still quiet of the morning.

This warm gold and blue sunrise print started life destined for a book cover I was designing. The author chose a different direction, but after I finished the final design of her book, I came back to this earlier step. I hadn’t been able to shake this simple fishing boat scene from my head and I had to finish it anyway.

In a way, I’m glad we went with a different book cover because this quiet little fishing boat on the water at dawn has been a personal favorite of my recent work. And as prints of it have sold even before I posted it here on my site, I have to say it’s been popular with others as well. I don’t think it’s simply a matter of it being popular with people who love fishing. Most who have commented on it have been attracted to the peaceful feeling it gives them A few have mentioned sentimental stories of family members who loved to fish, as well though.

Which camp do you fall into? Does this fishing boat art speak to you because you personally love to fish? Does it remind you of someone in your life who loved to get up at dawn and sit in an old boat in the still air? Or is it simply down to a zen feeling of calm you feel when you look at this blue and gold artwork? For me it’s the last one, but I would love if you took a moment to share your own story? What about this particular print makes it special to you?


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