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Fishing Boat On The Chattahoochee – Roswell Georgia Art Print


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While this fishing boat print may look like some far away rural location, this is actually the Chattahoochee River in the midst of Atlanta’s metro area. The suburb of Roswell, Georgia, was one of my favorite haunts when I lived in the area. It had a beautiful mix of nature and community. It felt as close to a small town as one could expect in a metro the size of Atlanta.

A photographer friend was kind enough to share this location, a public boat landing that he had found had some beautiful light during sunrise. The sun coming up in the east would pour across the Chattahoochee silhouetting everything in a lovely golden light. It might not have been like this every morning, but it was often enough to make it a great place to capture the natural beauty of the Chattahoochee in the early hours of day. This happened to coincide with the perfect time of the day that fishing boats would start leaving the boat landing there. Which explains how this particular little fishing boat ended up providing a great focal point for this Chattahoochee River print.

I love this particular river picture for it’s beautiful simplicity. And that sort of simplicity seems to go hand in hand with an activity as old as fishing. There have likely been canoes and other fishing boats on these waters at dawn stretching back into the misty pages of time. It makes for a truly timeless art print, the sort of thing that grandpa would appreciate as much as his grandsons. It depicts a pastime that transcends the passage of time.

This fishing boat print is very much an example of painting with light – the silhouettes draw the eye in from the simple boat on the right all the way to the far left. On that side is a great silhouette of brush on the river banks. If you were to look at this larger, you’d even see intricate spider-webs glistening in the sun. The Chattahoochee print is at once so simple but there are so many details to this sunrise near Roswell. I think that marriage of detail and timeless simplicity is what has made this print such a crowd-pleaser.


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