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Forgotten Nights – Galway Fog Art Print


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There was something simply ethereal about my night in a deep Galway fog. I had wandered the streets of Galway’s historic city center many days and nights before the fog rolled in, but in those dense mists, it felt like a completely new place. Have you had that experience of wandering in a deep fog when everything becomes indistinct and perhaps a little mysterious even?

My night in that Galway fog resulted in a handful of really memorable art prints. These are scenes that I find have captured more than just my imagination. It shows I caught the spirit of that ethereal night by the number of people who have responded so favorably to them.

This Galway fog print to me speaks of forgotten nights. It’s based on a photo taken of one of the side streets in the pedestrian center of the city. The classic old architecture is so indistinct and the people have almost melted into the fog. When I look at this print, it feels to me like that fleeting moment when a place feels familiar but you can’t quite recall why. And then it’s gone.

The way the city lights illuminate little bits of architecture almost makes it feel as if the lights are creating little puddles of reality. There’s truly a magical feeling to that great Galway fog. And I’m so glad I was still there to capture the magic of that night. There was no planning that I could do for this. It was simply unexpected. Had I left the city one day sooner, I would have missed the opportunity to create a series of prints that will always hold a special place among my artwork. Funny how that works out isn’t it?


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