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Fulton Cotton Mill – Historic Atlanta Art


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It seems hard to believe that when I moved to Atlanta, The old Fulton Cotton Mill lofts were freshly renovated. It was one of those places that I had a yen to live but it never happened as my work took me out into the northern suburbs to live and work.  Still, I loved the industrial vibe and the history of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills – the name under which the old operated.

Atlanta, like a lot of large older cities, is actually a patchwork of neighborhoods that were once cities and communities unto themselves. Such is the Cabbagetown neighborhood that surrounds the Fulton Cotton Mill. This community was originally a mill village that was home to the workers there. The old mill is among the older structures in the city – construction began in the 1880s and continued as the business grew over the next forty years. The looming smokestacks still speak of old times. You can nearly forget the century plus that’s passed since!

The Fulton Cotton Mill closed in the 1970s after which the homes adjacent to it were sold to the employees who called Cabbagetown home. By the 1990’s, post-Olympics Atlanta was booming and loft living had become the newest trend luckily. That gave the old mill a new lease on life and a raison d’etre.

I’ll always look at them a little wistfully, not just because I never satisfied my yen to live there, but because they are tied to my memories of being fresh out of college and moving to the city. This historic Atlanta artwork is, in fact, based off photos I took one morning in nearby Oakland Cemetery. I loved the sight of the old Fulton Cotton Mill standing over the trees. As I said, timeless! I can almost hear the whistle blowing to call back the mill workers of long ago, can’t you?

I hope you might pause a moment before answering the whistle yourself. Let me know what brought you here. Did you call these lofts home or maybe you do now? Or does it also remind you of days gone by in Atlanta?


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