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Galway Cathedral In Thick Fog At Night Art


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When I spotted Galway Cathedral rising above the River Corrib on my first day in Galway, I assumed the church was quite old, possibly even Medieval. The church is very classical in shape, drawing heavily from Renaissance style architecture. But I soon discovered the cathedral was built over an old prison on Nun’s Island in the 20th century. It was dedicated in 1965 and is officially named Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas. So Galway Cathedral is actually a relatively modern piece of architecture that does a really great job of living up to the fine old European cathedrals that no doubt inspired it.

Yet even in this fog-filled image, you can see there are some quite modern lines in that beautiful stone church. Check out that arch over the doorway – what a great curving and flowing line it has.  The cathedral definitely combines the old and the new in architectural styles quite well.

One of my favorite memories of Galway Cathedral will always be seeing its copper dome barely visible in the thick fog. This print has an ethereal sense to it. It feels as if the cathedral might suddenly vanish into the foggy air, like some sort of mirage in the night. The warm glow from the street lamps are the only thing anchoring the large church into our world at all.

This photo-art piece was based on a photo from my night wandering in a freezing winter fog. The air was cold and damp but my spirits were never higher. It was just insanely beautiful how the fog painted our world so differently than in the bright light of day. Don’t you agree?


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