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Galway Ireland – Waterfront Art


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It seems like everyone I’ve talked to who has been to Galway Ireland loved it. I know for me this charming Irish city on the sea was a winner. Time has passed but it hasn’t dulled my love for Galway Ireland in the least. Although there’s more of Ireland I want to see, I have no question that whenever I make it back, I’ll spend some time on the streets of Galway again. And I swear it will feel like coming home!

A day didn’t pass while I was in Galway Ireland that I didn’t wander the waterfront. The smell of the sea air more than made up for the cold weather. It was simply invigorating and the views didn’t hurt either. Here you can see both The Long Walk And The Claddagh facing each other. In the past Galway and the Claddagh were separate entities. The Long walk was the port in Galway and across the water was the fishing village known as the Claddagh. Today they have grown into one city but the names and memories persist.

Galway Ireland has a long history going back many centuries, and maybe that’s part of the special vibe to the city. The generation of Irish that have called it home have perhaps infused this city with its own special character? Or maybe it’s simply the beautiful landscape that surrounds the city? I honestly don’t have an explanation behind what makes Galway so special but I’m certain that there’s an ineffable quality to this place that charms innocent passers-by. It definitely charmed me and my artwork depicting that beautiful place is among my most popular. Perhaps I have managed to capture some of that charm in these prints?

What speaks to you most in this picture of Galway Ireland on the water? Is it the stunning skies? Or does it simply remind you of time you spent there yourself? I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts!


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