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Galway Panorama – Irish Seaside Art Print


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Whenever I look at this Galway panorama, I am taken back to that beautiful city on the Irish west coast. I can smell the salt air again and feel the cool ocean breeze on my cheeks. There is simply no question that I left a little bit of myself behind on the streets of Galway. As much as I loved Ireland in general, there wasn’t a city that I have longed for nearly as much as Galway. Although I honestly can’t explain why. There was just an ephemeral quality to the city that clicked with me. Have you had that same experience with Galway?

This Galway panorama is based on my first daytime view of The Long Walk – the stretch of the waterfront you see here. This was my view from the Claddagh on my first afternoon in the city. I had actually passed through Galway on a quick tour of the country almost two weeks before. On that first visit, Galway was a whirl of snow in the dark Irish night. Our bus arrived after sunset and left before sunrise the next morning. Somehow I had seen just enough that I knew I had to return to see more of Galway.

And that first afternoon back I was treated to the gorgeous colorful sunset you see in this Galway panorama. When I made it down to the Claddagh that afternoon, the sun was setting off the west coast and the light on The Long Walk was just stunning. I was there for nearly two weeks and I saw lots about Galway to love, but I never saw another sunset quite so beautiful as that first one.

I know some day I will walk along the Claddagh and admire those colorful Irish homes overlooking the seaside on the Long Walk again some day. I don’t know when but every time I look at this Galway panorama, I just know it. Do you hail from Galway or have you left a little piece of yourself there, too? I hope you might take a moment to share what strikes you most in this colorful Galway print?


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