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Golden Chattahoochee River Sunrise – North Georgia Landscape Art


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I feel like this Chattahoochee River print is an excellent reminder that enjoying the great outdoors don’t always mean getting in a car and driving into the country (although it’s an acceptable excuse). This picture was actually taken along the Chattahoochee River in Roswell, Georgia. At the time I lived nearby and I spent quite a few mornings down here at sunrise and sunset, the golden hours of photography. This particular location was a public boat landing and there were almost always other people out enjoying the natural beauty of that wide old river.

This is one of my personal favorite prints of sunrise on the Chattahoochee River. There’s so much left to the imagination of the viewer. What’s the story between the two figures seen in silhouette? One standing on the dock and the other leaving. And I think the tension is heightened by the wake of the boat in the water connecting the two silhouettes even though they’re apart.

There may be no story or there may be a very complicated story, but we get to imagine it for ourselves. I love images like that where the story is left to the viewer to determine. Simple or complex, it’s your story, not mine.

My story is about that beautiful landscape with an intriguing mix of light and shadows. And of course there was that great golden sunlight on the Chattahoochee River and the morning mists across the water diffusing the morning light. All the ingredients were there for a beautiful image, and then two people parted on the river bank and that added the drama for this golden print. Sometimes a print is a puzzle of sorts. The landscape of the Chattahoochee River on its own was amazing, but the last piece of the puzzle fell into place when I spotted this scene. Don’t you agree?


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