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Gothic Jackson Building – Historic Asheville Art Print


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Asheville is one of those unexpected treasures you discover. I had heard about Biltmore Estate of course and wanted to visit that gracious old estate. As I was heading to Virginia I decided that a couple of nights in Asheville wasn’t entirely out of the way. On my first evening in North Carolina, as I stood in the center of the city staring up the Jackson Building, I was sorry I didn’t have more time to enjoy Asheville and its beautiful old architecture.

I knew little about the history of Asheville, but landmark buildings tend to be pretty apparent even to a visitor. The Jackson Building reaching skyward caught my attention right away. And apparently it’s had that effect on visitors to the city every since its construction in the 1920’s. Originally there was a searchlight at the top which acted as a literal beacon to draw people to downtown Asheville.

My favorite aspect of the Jackson building though has to be the architecture. I love the combination of Gothic Revival architecture and a towering skyscraper. It seems like the ultimate extension of a towering Gothic cathedral reaching for the heavens. And on this particular day those heavenly clouds seemed close at hand.

I can’t help looking at this Asheville print and wanting to go back again. My short visit whetted my appetite to roam those beautiful streets some more. But I do I wonder if I would find myself wanting to stay in those North Carolina mountains like other artists seem to do?

Have you also visited Asheville or perhaps you call this beautiful place home? Or the towering Gothic building in this print also has you in its spell? I’d love to hear what drew you in when you saw this Asheville print!


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