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Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris Landmark Art Print


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The front facade of the French Gothic Notre Dame cathedral is truly an unforgettable sight. The architecture of that medieval Parisian church was intended to draw the eyes upward towards the heavens. In modern times, it’s worth remembering when these Gothic churches were built, they were the skyscrapers of their day. It was an era when construction of churches was aiming ever higher. The Gothic period was an arms race in church architecture with builders constantly looking for new methods to make the stone walls thinner and taller.

From what I’ve read Notre Dame Cathedral never in all those centuries held any records. There was always a taller cathedral or a larger one, or what have you. But despite the lack of singular records, Notre Dame holds a special place for many. In modern times, a lot of that is probably due to Victor Hugo’s early 19th century novel – Notre-Dame de Paris – which most of us today know as the story of Quasimodo – the Hunchback of Notre Dame. That story captured the imagination of many and inspired the reconstruction of the badly damaged Notre Dame Cathedral. And that was Victor Hugo’s plan all along, the raise attention to the plight of the medieval church that was in danger of being razed.

Taking a wrecking ball to Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral today would be unthinkable. It’s earned a place in the hearts of millions of visitors every year never mind the citizens of its own city. And if you’ve stood in the square before it on a sunny day as seen in this print, I’m sure you remember it as fondly as I do. It was without a doubt one of the prettier pieces of architecture I’ve seen. I’ve said many times that Paris was incredibly picturesque. A city that seemed to have beautiful architecture every where I looked, and there’s no doubt that the towering Gothic beauty of Notre Dame is part of that Parisian charm.

Do you have fond memories of Notre Dame as well? Perhaps you simply dream of visiting and this Paris print speaks to you loudly? I hope you’ll take a moment to share your favorite element in this French Gothic architecture print?


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