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Grain Silo – Farm Landscape Art


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This grain silo was inspired by one I saw on a farm in the countryside of Macon County, Georgia. This farm landscape captures the feeling of the environment in late summer. The trees on the horizon are a darker hue of green and the embankment in the foreground is covered in late summer wildflowers. Golden grasses heavy with pollen and little flowers. The blue in the sky has a hint of the color of autumn but the billowing clouds of summer still. When you look at this print, it’s typical of a summer scene throughout much of the rural southeast if not beyond. If you’ve lived on a farm or simply love spending time in the countryside, there’s probably a sense of familiarity with this farm scene.

The weathering on the sides of the grain silo suggest it’s been part of the landscape for some time. If you look carefully at the top, you’ll see not only the signs of weathering but a flock of birds taking a rest. That wasn’t just artistic license, they were in the photo that I based this on. It’s such a small detail but one that caught my eye when I took that photo years ago.

There’s something about a grain silo that has always caught my eye. I think it may go back to childhood. My parents once looked at a house in the countryside when I was probably a few years old. It stuck in my mind because I remember the landscape around it being filled with towering silos. My father, who had grown up on a farm, was all for it. My mother was less eager to move out of town. And she said later that she had visions of me finding my way up one of those silos. I loved to climb at that age. Maybe she was not far off in her concerns but it was part of the inspiration for this artwork years later, memories of childhood and a fondness for the countryside near home.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this grain silo artwork. Did you come here looking for farm landscapes in general or maybe you are looking for grain silo art in particular? I hope you’ll share what brought you here as well. And if you have any questions about prints of my work in general, please send a message.


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