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Guardian of Paris – Notre Dame Gargoyle Art


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Like a great many things in a city as picturesque as Paris, photos of a Notre Dame Gargoyle overlooking the city are admittedly nothing new. Still, I had a feeling I was onto something with my composition when I saw a line of tourists behind me, cameras in hand, ready to try for the same view over Paris they had seen me capture.

Of course, a good deal of artistic liberty has been taken with the presentation of my photo. The view of the Paris skyline and the beautiful and detailed Gargoyle alone is fantastic, however the gold tones really create a dramatic and eye-catching art print. With no small amount of pride, I can report my Notre Dame Gargoyle is, to date, the most popular work from my Paris collection. It just really captures the spirit of Paris,I think. I love the sweeping almost uninterrupted vista that the Parisian skyline affords. Nothing against skyscrapers, but Paris is special without them in the city center.

It’s mainly the churches and cathedrals and the like that dare broach the Paris skyline. But of course in the distance, you can see the famous Eiffel Tower literally towering over the cityscape. The inclusion of that landmark monument really solidifies this is Paris, non?

The title of this picture is owed to both the drama of the color and the watchful eye our Notre Dame Gargoyle seems to have over the Parisian skyline. Perhaps you’ll look at it and come up with a completely different feeling, but for me, it feels as if he’s watching over his city, ever vigilant. Doesn’t he look watchful to you?

Note: Notre Dame cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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