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Hill of Tara Panorama – Irish Art Print


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Standing atop the fabled Hill of Tara in Ireland was an excellent end to my month in Ireland. And as you can tell from this Hill of Tara panorama print, the day couldn’t have been clearer or sunnier. It’s really hard to look back on this photo and believe that it was late January when I stood there. The weather was easily some of the best I had during my month in Ireland.

The view from the top was so amazing and vast that the only way I could imagine to properly showcase it was the Hill of Tara panorama you see here. Even a panoramic shot is just a section of that endless view of the green Irish countryside. And Ireland was definitely where I hit my stride on panoramas. It seemed every place I visited, the vistas were always bigger and grander than one simple frame could contain!

In the age of kings, the Hill of Tara was the symbolic seat of the high king, but the hill has seen human activity for far, far longer than that. The gentle mounds and ditches you see in that landscape are what remains of truly ancient Neolithic earthworks like the mounds and chamber tombs that still dot the Boyne Valley today. These prehistoric sites on the Hill of Tara were built over by subsequent generations but there was still much of that history to be found when modern archaeologists came here. There was a sense of coming full circle when I got here as I had seen some of those finds at the museum in Dublin weeks before seeing Tara in person.

It’s amazing to stand in a place like this and imagine those people thousands of years before who stood here as well gazing out upon the same vast Irish countryside… This little plot of earth has been special for a long time.

Have you stood on this same hill top? Gazed at the same view in this Hill of Tara panorama? Perhaps this vista simply reminds you of your own Irish heritage? I’d love to hear what appeals to you about this Irish print?


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