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Historic Notre Dame de Paris – French Gothic Art Print


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One of my favorite haunts in Paris was the Historic Notre Dame de Paris. When you look at this cathedral rising on an island in the River Seine, you are looking at untold ages of history. This has been a sacred site since the ancient Romans built a temple to Jupiter on this island in the Seine. Amazing, isn’t it? The first Christian church built on the site was in the 6th century and works on the French Gothic version we see in this print today began in the 12th century. Historic Notre Dame has been the sacred heart of Paris for centuries!

And like many of the medieval cathedrals, Historic Notre Dame is truly the complex product of centuries of construction and change. The initial construction took over two centuries. Even when it was completed, the cathedral already reflected centuries of changing tastes. In the centuries since, Historic Notre Dame has continued to evolve. The beautiful church we see today was never encased in amber. In essence, the beautiful building fulfills our 21st century expectations for what a Gothic cathedral should be. Whether it lives up to what it was meant to be by the original builders, surpasses it, or falls short, I’ll leave up to others to guess. To me, it was simply an enchanting part of a gorgeous city.

And I saved one of my prettiest days to explore Historic Notre Dame in depth. I wandered all around the building that afternoon. There was as you see a great golden sunlight and fantastic skies. It was truly an unforgettably beautiful day as this Paris print proves. Just look at that beautiful Gothic architecture soaring into the blue skies above that ancient sacred island.

Have you also admired the beauty of Historic Notre Dame on a sunny day? Or does this print simply speak to the side of you with a love of picturesque architecture? I hope you might take a second to share what your favorite aspect of this Paris print!

Note: Notre Dame de Paris is part of a UNESCO Designated World Heritage Site on the Banks of the Seine.


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