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Historic Union County Cabin – North Georgia Art Print


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When I lived in the Atlanta area, when the weekend came, I would often go for day trips into the North Georgia mountains. It wasn’t just the draw of the nearby mountain landscapes that got me in the car. It was the chance to get out into the little communities that existed beyond the Atlanta suburbs. Having grown up in a small town, when the weekend came, sometimes, I just wanted to get away from the city.

It was on one of those mountain drives that I spotted the little cabin pictured here. It was near sunset but the last warm rays of the sun were hitting the cabin and giving it a warm glow. I passed it on a winding road and the moment I saw it, I began looking for a place to turn around. The light was great and that little cabin called to me.

I have a soft spot for old home-places like this one. For some reason, I generally imagine the happy times that might have been had there. Most of the time, that’s all it is, my imagination of what might have taken place. In this case, however, I posted this cabin photo in my art blog and later got a response from a lady who had grown up here.

As it turns out this nondescript little building, the Hunter-England Cabin,  is the oldest surviving house in Union County, Georgia. Since I took this photo of it, it was dismantled and the last I heard the little cabin that moved was being rebuilt as part of a museum in Blairsville. And yes, indeed, the lady who had lived there wrote of happy times with her family in this little history-filled old cabin in the North Georgia mountains.

One day, I’d like to see this little cabin again, but this is the way I’ll always remember it, bathed in the glow of the setting sun on a late winter day in North Georgia.


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