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Historic Victorian Windsor Hotel – Americus Georgia Art


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There are some buildings and places that stick with us from an early age. For me, the Windsor Hotel, seen in this print, fits that category. Although I didn’t grow up in Americus, Georgia, it was near my hometown. So near in fact, that I later attended and graduated from the local university in Americus. Growing up, my family traveled to and through Americus quite often. With such regularity in fact that I don’t have a first memory of the the great brick castle like building in this Americus print. But I remember seeing it rising above the streets of Americus from an early age.

This is the Windsor Hotel in Americus. The old Victorian hotel originally opened in June of 1892. This 100 room gracious old hotel long outlived its own era of genteel living. When it opened, it was on the railroad and a prime spot for wealthy northerners to winter in the warm south. It limped into a temporary grave in the early 1970s. And unfortunately those are my early memories of the Windsor, an empty and forlorn sight, like the ruins of an old Gothic castle or palace. But thanks to a wealth of local community pride, the Windsor Hotel was restored in 1990.

It definitely warms my heart that the Grand old lady of Americus in this Windsor Hotel print is once again a reason to visit Americus. There are far too many stories like this that end with a large parking lot in the middle of small towns around America. And that Victorian style just seems to be something that we can’t quite reproduce today. The hand-tooled craftsmanship of these beautiful old buildings seems lost.

Have you stayed at the Windsor Hotel? Or perhaps like me, you have long memories of this beautiful building? Or perhaps you simply love the gracious rambling brick Victorian style? I’d love to hear what attracted you to this Americus print?


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