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Hot Air Balloons In Flight At Dawn – Aerial Egypt Art


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For me this print of hot air balloons in flight over the Valley of The Kings in Egypt will always illustrate the magic of travel. For me, traveling is about stepping outside of the safe harbor of every day life. It’s about trying new things. When I set off for Egypt, I had no plans or even really considered seeing Egypt this way. Yet being in one of those hot air balloons in flight is one of my top memories in Egypt.

This print of hot air balloons in flight silhouetted against a vibrant pre-dawn sky actually depicts my first sighting of the amazing Valley of the Kings near Luxor. It was an absolutely amazing way to see the Egyptian landscape slowly come to life below. When we set flight, the skies were still dark over Egypt. But as our balloon gained altitude, Egypt below began to awaken and the skies were absolutely alive with color. What an amazing mix of a blue bordering on indigo and red. The ground below is cloaked in shadows and appears so small. The aerial perspective of the Egyptian landscape felt almost alien. If I had flown into Egypt in the daytime, maybe this wouldn’t have felt quite so spectacular, but the view out of a plane window is still quite different than the one from the basket of hot air balloons in flight!

The experience itself will always rate as a personal favorite, but with the added joy of getting some spectacular prints that morning. My prints of the Egyptian landscape with hot air balloons in flight over it have always garnered a lot of attention. Vibrant colors and an amazing landscape mixed with the feeling of freedom from seeing hot air balloons in flight… well, it’s easy to see all the ingredients are there for a memorable artwork of a faraway and ancient land.

Have you taken a hot air flight over the Valley of the Kings? Or does this colorful print simply speak to you of the beauty of traveling our amazing world? I hope you might take a few moment to share what speaks to you most in this print!


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