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Iconic London – Parliament Art Print


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There are some landmarks that truly are recognized around the world. And Big Ben is truly not only a piece of Iconic London but a world recognized clock tower. And yes, for the Anglophiles out there, I’m aware that Big Ben is the name of the bell. The thing is, most anyone looking for a print of that iconic London landmark is going to be searching for Big Ben. Sometimes you have to bow to popular opinion! But for those not aware, Big Ben is the largest bell inside the clock tower. And interestingly the clock tower was actually named The Elizabeth II Tower in honor of her majesty’s diamond jubilee in 2012.

I have to admit, though, that on my first trip to London, when I saw that massive Victorian clock tower rising above the street ahead of me, the first involuntary words out of my mouth were “Look kids, Big Ben… Parliament…” Some selection of you reading this will know the name of the movie from which that classic quote originated.

The photo this iconic London print is based on, however, is from my last trip to London (so far). By the time that trip rolled around, I was fully immersed in my art. And London wasn’t just a place I loved to visit but a place of inspiration. As I stood on the street corner opposite Big Ben, I glanced up and caught sight of this beautiful modern glass and steel overhang. I glanced back across at Parliament and its Gothic Revival architecture. I love the eclectic mix of modern and classic architecture. I had to contort myself back against the wall and down towards the pavement to get this composition combining the post-modern glass and steel with the great clock tower. And the resulting Parliament print was absolutely worth it to me!

I love the juxtaposition of the two different architectures and how the modern feels like its framing the heritage architecture. It captures the spirit of London, a city packed with centuries upon centuries of landmark architecture.

Have you gazed up at Big Ben in wonder, too? Or are you an Anglophile who dreams of visiting Iconic London landmarks yourself someday? Whether this print is a reminder of happy times in London or inspiration for future travels, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Note: The Palace Of Westminster and the Adjacent Westminster Abbey are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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