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Irish Seaside – Galway Art


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During my stay in Ireland, I saw a good deal of the Irish seaside and it was invariably charming. From lonesome beaches and small villages to cities, I enjoyed them all. But if there’s one place that stands out in my mind as representative of the Irish seaside, it’s Galway.

I spent nearly two weeks in and around Galway, and much of that time whether it was a gray day or a sunny one, I was roaming the Irish seaside. That was particularly true when I was in the city of Galway. I spent a little bit of every day walking along the Claddagh. I loved the views of the Long Walk from there. Just look at those cool Irish homes lining the waterfront! With the blue water and blue skies, it looks like a little slice of paradise in between.

For me, this view of Galway is not just the epitome of the Irish seaside, it represents the quaint charm I came to expect in Ireland. From wee villages to cities, there was just a special flavor to the places and people. It just felt like home on some inexplicable level. Sure I have some Irish ancestry in the roots of my family tree but not in the recent past. So, I honestly couldn’t fathom why Galway in particular felt so so familiar and special to me. Have you had that same experience? Perhaps it was also in Ireland?

Whether you’ve also stood on the Claddagh in Galway or elsewhere in Ireland, I hope this Irish seaside print speaks to you! Between the brilliant colors and the quaint Irish charm, I’m sure this print has appeal beyond the narrow lines of whether or not you’ve been there, but I bet it doesn’t hurt! Be sure to stop for a second and share what is your favorite aspect of this print.


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