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Isle Of Capri – Starry Night Art Print


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I don’t recall ever feeling so exhausted and happy at the same time as I was while waiting in the harbor on the Isle of Capri that night. A friend and I had made a whirlwind tour of the island on a winter afternoon. We had packed in far more than we ever should have dared but it was one of the highlights of an incredible trip to Italy. This Capri print is based off a photo I took as we sat there waiting for our boat back to Sorrento. Dusk was falling and the lights of the town of Capri had come to life.

The island of Capri has been a resort going back to the days of the ancient Roman emperors who made the island their playground. And it is apparent why to anyone who has been on the island. It’s a simply gorgeous mountainous island jutting up out of the sea off the Italian coast. In a way, Capri felt like Italy in miniature to me. Look at the colorful Mediterranean architecture hugging the hills. They practically scale the mountains until it becomes sheer-faced rock.

This starry night print of the view from the Marina Grande to Monte Solaro on the Isle of Capri still brings back fantastic memories for me. When I see it, I remember wanting to find some way to spend more time on Capri. The people were so charming and the island so beautiful that it still calls to me, perhaps more than any of the other places I visited in Italy.

Have you ever watched the lights of Capri reflecting in the harbor on a starry night? Do you dream about getting off the boat on that beautiful little island again someday as I do? Or perhaps this scenic print from the Italian coast calls to you even though you’ve never been? I would love if you took a second to share what attracts you most to this Isle of Capri print!


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