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Isle of Skye – Scottish Highlands Panorama Art Print


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There are some landscapes like this one on the Isle of Skye that simply defy description. Every time I thought I had seen the most beautiful landscape there was to see on Skye, we visited another. It really is an incredible place in the truest sense of that word. The climax of our day roaming the Isle of Skye was our stop at the Quiraing. As I gazed out at this spectacular vista I really felt the need for a wider format for this print to truly show the amazing terrain of the land on Skye. That was the inspiration for this panorama – simply the need to show more of this indescribable place. I hoped an image really could speak for me.

And I think this Isle of Skye panorama not only speaks for me, it does it with great detail. This print really captures the primeval feel of the wild landslips of the Quiraing. I still look at this print and remember vividly standing on the Trotternish Ridge. And I still find this landscape is impossibly alien and beautiful at once. It’s unlike any place I’ve been before or since.

Normally landscapes remotely like this on the Isle of Skye are from mountain ranges that have been thrust up by plate tectonics, and in the case of older ranges, they’ve eroded to soft hills instead of jagged peaks. On the Isle of Skye, the Quiraing is created by land falling away from the surrounding landscape, leaving these isolated plateaus and mounds. The process continues today and the base of the road leading up here up has to be re-paved each year!

If you think this landscape looks fit for a fantasy movie, you’d be correct! A year after visiting the Isle of Skye I saw a preview for the motion picture, Stardust, adapted from a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman. And from that short preview, I immediately recognized the Quiraing!

Sure enough, the film’s location shoots were from the Isle of Skye and other locations in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. I would have enjoyed the movie anyway, but seeing the places I’d so loved visiting in Scotland on the big screen was reason enough to go.


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